Our Story

Kiloran Bay - Isle of Colonsay

Adrian grew up on the Isle of Colonsay, which is a small island off the west coast of Scotland. The remoteness of the island meant that the cost of bringing supplies to the community was costly and timely. Therefore there was a natural culture of upcycling, things were rarely thrown out without considering if they could be repurposed in the future. This was something that Adrian carried with him throughout his life, and when he immigrated to Australia in 2009 he chose to take his self-taught design into the direction of recycling.
He had previously designed and made furniture in Scotland and exhibited in London on several occasions. But with a new life in a new country came a new direction. Adrian found inspiration in the wooden venetian blinds that were placed out on the curb ready for the council pick up. They were of good quality and seemed such a waste that he started to think about how to repurpose them.  

What initially seemed an easy idea took around two years.  the design takes into account the original width of the slats and the most common drop in a blind 28.  taking these factors into consideration along with the blinds prior cord holes, Adrian has reduced waste to a minimal.  Most of this comes down to the uniquely designed slat ring holder that he designed around these elements.

Adrian's recycled lighting was placed in the selection for a Good Design Award in Sydney in 2017 and as a new company we were very proud of this achievement.





 Good Design Awards 2017         
 Avalon Beach