Gazebo Product Guide

Product Guide

All our pendant lights are made from recycled wooden venetian blinds and are designed and handmade by Adrian Lawson in Sydney, Australia.  
All our pendant lights are for indoor use only.





This pendant is made from recycled venetian blinds and is available in cedar.  The components consist of slat rings and one suspension bracket and are available in four colours: Black, Beige, Light Blue or Grass Green. There are two diffusers available, opaque or white as in the picture to the left.  The slats are finished off with a clear water based varnish.

Length of either 690 mm or 390 mm with a of Diameter 240 mm.

You have the choice of white or black cloth cable with matching ceiling canopy, standard length for the 390 is 1 metre or you can choose 2 metres.  The 690 standard length is 2 metres.

The Gazebo takes its name from the Gazebo building in Elizabeth Bay, Sydney, Australia. The Gazebo was built in the late 60's and is part of the modernist movement in architecture.